GCMS Testing


Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy 

What Do We Test For?

We test for the volatile fragrance molecules found in all botanicals that give each plant its unique aroma and therapeutic values. We provide a detailed breakdown of all the compounds in your oil. 

Compounds We Can Test:

Customized Reports

Base Services 

Customized Client Report | A customized report tailored for customer interaction and webpage integration

Volatile Chemical Composition | Chromatography, Compound Identification, Relative Compound Percentages 

Quality Control | Comparison with ISO, Scientific, and Internal Standards

Authentication Analysis | Synthetic Marker Detection, Cosmetic Filler Screening, Non-Volatile Content Detection 

Optional Services

Restricted Substances Analysis | Cosmetic allergens and IFRA regulated substance identification 

Selling overseas? We'll make it easier! 

Fingerprint Identification | Creation of oil fingerprint data and identification 

Want to track your oil from distillation to customer? Let's talk about how to make that happen! 

Physical Properties | Add refractive index and specific gravity 

Use EVS for GCMS Testing and Laboratory Essential Oil Testing!